One McPeake Challenge

In order to raise awareness of the daily struggles an individual experiences, Allergen Accreditation is about to launch a campaign that  Jacqui McPeake (the Free From Hero of 2018) successfully ran on a smaller scale within Manchester Metropolitan University when she was Head of Catering.

To participate in this challenge Allergen Accreditation requests that an individual removes one of the main 14 allergens from their diet during the first two weeks in September, by doing this we hope to encourage a broader understanding of the difficulties that a life with allergies presents. We particularly aim to improve the understanding of those working within the catering industry, as we are aware of  how a broader understanding of allergens within the catering industry can improve the experiences of those with an allergy, and potentially improve their confidence in regards to going out for food. In order to participate in this challenge we simply request that you donate via our MyDonate page, where all money raised will go to the Anaphylaxis Campaign which provides valuable support and information regarding serious allergies. We suggest a minimum donation of £5 for an individual entry  and £50 for a team entry, though anything more would be greatly appreciated.

In order to gain an insight into participants experiences during the 2 week challenge we encourage you to feedback your views and experiences via the email that will be provided at the bottom of this post. Please be assured your personal details will remain anonymous. If email isn’t your preference, we would also love it if you contacted us via our social media, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with your experiences using #OneMcPeakeChallenge. The team at Allergen Accreditation will then use the information to provide tweets, blogs and Instagram posts to raise allergen awareness across the industry and in social media channels.

Upon registering to participate in the challenge, there are a few activities we request you attempt during the 2 weeks in order to broaden both your and our understanding of the daily challenges experienced by those with an allergy:

  • Remove one of the key 14 allergens for a 2 week period.
  • Visit local supermarkets and smaller shops to purchase appropriate foods suitable for your chosen allergen. Feedback your experience to the email address provided or tweet your experience on Twitter using the #Onemcpeakechallenge
  • Dine out at least once and feedback your experience good/bad to the email address provided.
  • If you managed to order a takeaway, what was your experience?
  • Feedback any difficulties you experience e.g. taking a packed lunch to work, finding snacks to eat, eating with family members.
  • Feedback reactions of family, colleagues etc.
  • If working in the industry, feedback the response from your colleagues.
  • Feedback any learning from the challenge.
  • What did you learn from the experience if anything ?
  • Will you do anything differently as a result of #Onemcpeakechallenge ?

However, please remember that your own health is important and if you have an underlying health condition or if you begin to feel unwell during the 2 week challenge, you are advised to return immediately to your usual diet. If you are concerned please visit your GP.

I hope you consider participating in our challenge and would like to thank you in advance on behalf of Allergen Accreditation and the Anaphylaxis Campaign, it would also be incredibly helpful if you could aid us in promoting this challenge.


To contact us with your experiences during the challenge or any other enquires please email:

Alternatively, for enquiries alone you can also contact: