I Love Purely

In the March of this year I attended the Free From Food Awards, it was a really exciting event at which my Mum won Free From Hero of 2018, making the trip from Manchester to London definitely worth it! However, this event also allowed me to meet many different people and find out all about their work within the allergen community or their allergen friendly product. This is particularly important to me as I am always on the look out for new products that fit my dietary requirements, which is something a lot of products often fall just short of…

Whilst at the Awards event I met Stefania Pellegrino and Mark O’Sullivan the founders of Purely, a plantain chip brand which offers a healthy alternative to potato chips and many other snacks. As I have a potato allergy I am always seeking out potato alternatives (which aren’t as common as I’d like..) so I was already aware of Purely and have been a fan of their naturally salted chips for a long time, yet somehow I seemed to have missed that there were other available flavours. After speaking to the founders of Purely (who are incredibly nice!) I decided I had to try the other flavours, fortunately for me Purely themselves sent me some samples to try and I couldn’t let it go undocumented.

 In general plantain chips make for both an incredibly healthy and tasty snack  as they contain calcium, iron, Vitamins A, B, C and D whilst also being rich in minerals. However in regards to Purely plantain chips in particular, I shall review each pack of chips in order of my preference:

  1. Nice and Spicy

As soon as these arrived at my door I had a feeling they would be my favourite, and I was right! These chips have a light spicy covering that although evidently present in each chip, isn’t at all overpowering and in fact a whole bag of them is easily finished. Although it’s currently summer, I imagine that these chilli crisps would be perfect for winter due to how warming they are in your mouth.

Ingredients: Plantains, sunflower oil, natural spices & salt.

2. Naturally Salted

If spicy or garlic plantain chips sound like a too exotic introduction to plantains, then the naturally salted option is the one for you! These chips are lightly seasoned with salt and are the most naturally flavoured making them a great snack with either a meal or for when you’re on the go. Out of the Purely range these are the chips I was already aware of as I have had them as a handy snack in my bag for a while now. When I could eat potato crisps ready salted were my favourite, but now that I’m allergic to potato I have relied on these naturally salted chips to provide me with that crisp-like snack and they’ve never let me down.

Ingredients: Plantains, sunflower oil, salt.

3. Wild Garlic

If I’m honest I didn’t really think I would be much of a fan of these chips, even as I opened my bag of chips I could smell the garlic flavouring and became even more suspicious than before. But evidently the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes into play here because even though these chips have the most overpowering flavour, I really do recommend them! As strange as it may sound, it was almost like eating a tiny garlic bread with every chip and it was something I found surprisingly enjoyable.

Ingredients: Plantains, sunflower oil, natural spices & salt.

Each of bag chips are also:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • High in Potassium
  • Contain 0g of Trans Fat
  •  Non GMO
  • All Natural

 Overall I’m a big fan of the whole Purely range, even those I didn’t expect to end up loving and highly recommend them as a snack alternative. Two of the samples even made it on my spa holiday, protected by my hotel room’s meerkat…

If you want to grab yourself a bag of Purely Plantain Chips you can look on Purely’s website to see where near you stocks these chips, or simply order from their website by clicking here.

I’d like to thank Purely for sending me a box of samples, and hope you enjoyed reading this review.

Peckish Rice Crackers

At Food Matters Live 2017, I met some representatives for Peckish who very kindly provided me with some of their products to try and review. As a person who is allergic to both gluten and potato, crisps and crackers aren’t products I usually have the luxury of trying, so I was excited by the prospect of having a new on the go snack.

Peckish rice crackers are somewhere in between a crisp and a cracker, they are light and airy and don’t have the typical cracker trait of being dehydrating. They are a great alternative to crisps if you are unable to have them or choose not to, being the closest I have found in both flavour and texture. They are available in all supermarkets and can be easily found on social media.

They gave me three different flavours of their rice crackers to try and I shall review them in order of my preference:

1) Sea Salt and Vinegar

When I could have crisps, salt and vinegar was one of my favourite flavours (with the slightly duller option of ready salted being my first choice), automatically this gave these rice crackers the advantage. After not being able to have any similarly flavoured snack for years, this packet was a welcomed treat. Although they have quite a strong salt and vinegar flavour, they also have the aftertaste of a rice cracker which although is light and tasty, reminds you that you have chosen the healthier snack.

Rice Flour (85%), Rice Bran Oil (10%), Maltodextrin, Sea Salt (1.7%), Vinegar Powder (1.1%), Flavour Enhancers (E627, E631), Antioxidant (E307)

Allergy Information:
Free From: Gluten
May Contain: Milk, Soya

2) Tangy Barbecue

Barbecue is a flavour I would usually avoid, unless it involves fajitas, when it comes to snacks I usually find barbecue to be too strong a flavour for me. However, these crackers have a light barbecue flavour and make for a delicious lunchtime extra. There is a light coating of flavour dusted on top of the crackers, which can result in barbecue dusted fingers, so there’s no denying you’ve been snacking in your spare time.

Rice Flour (85%), Rice Bran Oil (10%), Salt, Barbecue Seasoning (3%) (Soy Sauce Powder (Maltodextrin, Soya Bean Oil, Salt), Ginger Powder, Acid (E330), Flavour Enhancers (E627, E631)), Antioxidant (E307)

Allergy Information:
Free From: Gluten
Contains: Soya
May Contain: Milk

3) Sour Cream and Chive

Sour cream is another flavour that I would generally avoid, but again Peckish has created delicious rice crackers out of a flavour I wouldn’t usually appreciate. These crackers are the lightest in flavour, with the flavour of the rice cracker also being the least prominent, instead the aftertaste is of sour cream and chive, this may make this flavour the most preferable to those who want to avoid the rice cracker taste.

Due to the flavouring of these crackers however, milk is a featuring ingredient, as I do have issues with milk and can only tolerate a small amount every now and then, these crackers wouldn’t be my first choice.

Rice Flour (85%), Rice Bran Oil (10%), Sour Cream and Chive Flavouring (Cheese Powder (1.5%) (Cheddar Cheese (Milk), Salt), Onion Powder (1.5%), Sugar, Flavour Enhancers (E627, E631), Acid (E270), Salt), Antioxidant (E307)

Allergy Information:
Free From: Gluten
Contains: Milk
May Contain: Soya

I really enjoyed tasting these products and shall now be on the look out to buy some more, I think Peckish makes wonderful free from and vegan (excluding the sour cream and chive flavour) rice crackers. I love discovering new allergy friendly products, as sometimes meals can get repetitive and as much as I love finding sweet products, I do struggle to find savoury snacks I can eat and enjoy. As a result of this, I am a big fan of Peckish’s creations and although they are products that could be overlooked if you have an abundance of savoury snacks, I believe they aren’t spoken about enough.